Links to Other Great Places Online

Punk & Ska
  • The official website of the punk band MxPx.
    • MxPx Music Everyone MxPx song ever recorded in Real Audio Format.
  • Five Iron Frenzy The official website of the ska band Five Iron Frenzy
  • The Real Ska Radio Show Archives
  • Skaville A ever growing community of skanker's
  • FAQ's The Frequently Asked Question's about ska(and their answer's)
  • Curios George Meets Ska. A interesting Curios George story by Joseph and Chrissy Powers
  • Frog Ska Records Official Homepage, also designed and created by me.

    (Even Skankers can have a little depth to them)
  • MetaCreations Makers of Bryce 3D and other great 3d software
  • Peter Sharpe's Gallery Peter has a wide selection of images created in Bryce 3D. He also has several tutorials for learning to use Bryce
  • sPatch A free 3d spline moderler. Yes that's right Free no nag screens begging for money, or limited uses.
  • Shenlerz List