Information about GreenGiant

...In way of a introduction, GreenGiant's real name is Matthew Bell. He is 15 years of age. He is a sophomore at East Side Baptist Acedemy, in Saint Joseph, Missouri.

...He has been playing the guitar since his 15th birthday. As for his tastes in music, he mostly prefer to stick to ska, and sometimes punk, but he also listen to a wide variety of other music, including, classical, oldies, Enya style music, and many others. Some of his favorite bands are Five Iron Frenzy(FIF), The Supertones, The Insiderz, Catch 22, MxPx, Hot Stove, JFK & The Conspirators, and just about any other cool ska bands.

...In way of his skills in computers, he is familiar, and have programmed, in the programming languges C, C++, Visual C++, BASIC, Visual Basic, HTML (if you want to consider that a language), Java Script.

...He has made a few computer programs, some of these include GreenGiant's Axe, The Chamelion Pallete Converter, Para Pallete Converter, and Flash. If you are interested in any of his talents you may contact him at

...Also, he designed and wrote the webpage for Frog Ska Records, as well as this one. In the summer of 1998 he wrote the "One-Liner" Java Script for KC Vale's webpage at