Applications by Matthew Bell

These are the few working, and somewhat pratical applications that I, Matthew Bell have created. All rights reserved (c) 1998, do not link directly to programs without expressed permission from me, Matthew Bell, Simply link to this page, so I may count hits. I claim no royaltys to these programs or anything you do with them. Any action performed with these applications is yours and is in no way related to me.
(No politians, or any other animals, were hurt during the construction of this page, or any of these programs)

Misclanous Applications

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Seltzer is a simple program that allows you to view, add, edit, and remove entries in the registry that define the programs that start when you run Windows 98.
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Monster Truck Madness Utilitys

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GreenGiant's Axe

This is a utility to aid in the making of custom roads, or any other textures. Simply load the raw into this program and hit the axe button it will ask for a base name, this means the prefix to the axed raws, for iinstance if you had a basee name of new.raw it would axe the file into say 5 slices, new001.raw new002.raw new003 etc..., if the original file has a act pallete, then the axe will create act files to go with the newly created sliced files

the picture you are loading into the axe must be divisable by 64 in both width and height 64, 128, 256, that sort of thing

if you have any questions you can email me at

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The Chamelion Pallete Converter

This program allows you to easyly convert between Jasc's Pallete format, PAL, and Adobe's Pallete(the one MTM2 uses), ACT. Also allows you create your custom palletes from scratch.

Para Pallete Converter
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The Chamelion's kid brother, Para simply converts on the command line, meaning you associate the extesions PAL and ACT to Para, and when you double click on either one of those files types in Windows Explorer it will automaticly convert the pallete to the oposite file type.